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Happy Wednesday Queens,

I hope this post finds you doing well. I'm going to keep this BOLD post short and sweet because I would like for you to actually take some time to complete this task. A couple of years ago, while I was listening to the Married Millennials Podcast by Justin and Joy, Justin explained his version of speaking what you want into existence. Every morning, Justin repeats a 4 paragraph mantra of sorts that describes his perfect life. This helps him get focused and prepared to move through his day in beast mode. It's like he's starting every day speaking his vision board into existence.

Ryan Destiny from "Girl's Trip" & her mantra

For some reason, this idea recently popped back up in my mind and I have decided to try it. I just recently made the decision to dissolve my coaching business so that I can focus more of my efforts on Phorbe. This has left me with a lot more on my plate than I thought. As focusing more on Phorbe means that there is work to do to grow the Queendom. Rebranding, new ways of communicating, a redesigned website, and a Youtube channel are all on the horizon, on top of two growing Instagram accounts and a fast growing Tik Tok account. I'm doing things that I love to do, yet there's a lot that I've never done and I'm finding that I have to teach myself how to do things.

Whenever I get discouraged, I use affirmations, mantras, or my power playlist to push through. Still, I think having this Vision Board Mantra will help me jumpstart my day with a little more pep in my step.

So, with that I sat down today and wrote out a mantra:

My name is Queen Maree. I am known for my funny, relatable, and highly entertaining content on social media. I have a Queendom of women all around the world who, along with me, are reaching past their struggles for their goals and dreams. They think that I am teaching them to come into their own, when in reality, they are helping me walk in my purpose just as much as I am helping them. I work for myself and run a six figure company with a team of twenty people who all get paid a LIVING wage. Each day I wake up, I choose what it is that I want to do for the day because I am in complete control of my time.

As my company continues to grow and expand, so does my stock portfolio. My bills are completely covered by my dividend, REIT, and rental property income. I live in a house near Inspiration Point with a view of the ocean. I have a small dog and a cat. I drive a powder blue tesla with a panoramic roof and a tan interior. I travel and go on day trips around Southern California often but never foot the bill myself.

I am constantly practicing self-care and taking steps to love myself deeply. I treat myself to hair, nail, and spa appointments regularly. I speak with my therapist often and I never miss a session with my spiritual coach. I am bilingual and working on my third language. I am an expert yogi and am finally getting strong enough abs to hold my own in my pole fitness classes.

Opportunities that I've always dreamed of, present themselves to me regularly. I am happy and manifesting my wants and needs easily. I am no longer plagued by the past or anxious about the future because I am consciously living in the present and enjoying every moment.

I am Queen Maree and Queen Maree is me.

Queen! Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life, like myself or you just need some fresh inspiration to revamp your spirits. I think a Vision Board mantra could be just the thing for you! We have spoken before about the power of affirmations. We have dived deep into the manifesting powers of a vision board. Put the two together and you just can't go wrong.

I highly encourage you to write a mantra of your own and repeat it every morning while Power Posing in your mirror. I am going to do the same. In 30 days on May 14th, we will reconvene here and I will let you know how this exercise has worked for me.

I hope you'll give it a try too.

Step into the Queen you're Meant to Be and SLAY!!!

-Queen Maree


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