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Queens now that we have our goals set for the Summer and we've spoke about perseverance and how to keep at our goals, we can start talking about other ways of staying focused and committed to your goals. For today's Blessed discussion, we are going to talk about affirmations and how affirmations can train your subconscious' compass to always be set on your goals.

To help me explain affirmations, I am going to refer you to the person who taught me, Jack Canfield. I'm telling you, if you haven't read the book The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be, than you are doing yourself a great disservice. On affirmations, Jack states, " You need to let go of any and all negative thoughts and images and bombard your subconscious mind with new thoughts and images that are positive and stated in the present tense. "

Let's bombard our subconscious, shall we?

What are Affirmations

An affirmation is a tool you use to train your conscious and subconscious mind to always focus on your goals, even when you're doing something else. If you break down the word affirmation, affirm means to state as fact, the tion at the end signifies that it is verb; something you're doing. Affirmation literal definition is to exert that something is real or is true.

Take the first goal that you set for the Summer. Now imagine that you have already accomplished that goal. What does your life look like now, having finished that goal. What do you hear, what do you see, what do you feel? Now, put those thoughts and emotions into a sentence. That is an affirmation.

The wind and stereo are competing sounds as I drive up PCH in my brand new 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible with the top down on a warm and sunny day.

An affirmation is a sentence that uses specific words to activate images and feelings in your subconscious mind. Saying an affirmation repeatedly every single day, can train your subconscious mind to begin looking for ways to make the affirmation true. You are also inspiring your conscious mind and therefore are motivating yourself to complete actions and stay focused in order to reach that sweet spot that the affirmation describes. Jack lists other ways affirmations help us writing, "They can also create higher vibrations for happiness, joy, appreciation, and gratitude that then, through the law of attraction, magnetize people, resources, and opportunities to come to you to help you achieve your goals."

How do I create Affirmations

To create an affirmation is simple. Just imagine your life having completed your goal. Be as specific as you possibly can. Think of the five senses and how all of those are affected by your goal being accomplished. Now put that into a sentence using key words that trigger those emotions and senses you felt while imagining your goal was reached.

You want to make sure that your goal is somewhere in that sentence as well. Refer to the example up top. This was one of the first affirmations I created a few years ago. My dream car is 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, light blue, with a tan interior. If you're looking at my affirmation above, the goal was to get a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. The description of the wind and radio competing must mean that I am driving so fast that the wind is whipping around me to the point where I can barely hear the radio at times. Driving up PCH or Pacific Coast Highway on a Sunny day almost certainly means I can see the ocean to one left of me and in a convertible I can feel that warm sun on my skin.

Another example would be:

The air is crisp and clean as I walk upon cobble stone through a street lined with a rainbow of colored buildings and houses, an accordion is playing in the background, twinkle lights dance above me, and I'm eating Stratchiatella Gelato, I am home in Bergamo, Italy.

The goal here is to return to my favorite Italian town, Bergamo. I've created the image of what I saw and felt the first time I was in Bergamo. Stating this affirmation every day will help me see myself walking down the streets of Bergamo and train my subconscious to look for opportunities that involve me going to Bergamo and inspiring my concious to set aside money for another trip to Italy.

Here are some tips from Jack, to help you create your affirmations:

  1. Start with the words “I am.” These are the two most powerful words in the English language.

  2. Use the present tense.

  3. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want.

  4. Keep it brief.

  5. Make it specific.

  6. Include an action word ending with –ing.

  7. Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.

  8. Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

How do I use Affirmations

In order to activate the power of affirmations, you have to say them, imagine them, feel them frequently, daily. Jack gives two tips to help you remember to say your affirmations daily.

1. Write your affirmations on multiple sets of note cards and leave a set at each place you frequent most in your life. You can leave a set in the bathroom, a set on your night stand, one in your car, at your desk at work, etc. That way, whenever you're in those places, you can go through your affirmations like flash cards.

2. Create a goal book out of a three ring binder. Write down your goals on the first page in this binder, and on the remaining pages, create collages of pictures that represent the thoughts and feelings each of your affirmations brings up. Go through this book at least once a week. Leave it in the place where you spend your relaxing Sunday mornings and just thumb through it before you begin relaxing.

Create Affirmations for your Summer Goals

Now that you know what affirmations are, how to create them, and how to use them, create affirmations out of your summer goals. Don't forget to say these affirmation every day or they won't help you. Here are my affirmations for this Summer:


Each week, I am doing something new and exploring a new surroundings to the laughs and smiles of my sisters and brothers on our weekly Summer outings, we are creating memories and building relationships that will last forever.

I have more energy and feel more alive now that I've focused on drinking water and being more active, I can use the extra time I have planning and implementing my empire instead of napping.

Like-minded Friends

I have found my bridesmaids. We aren't walking down the aisle just yet though, we're too busy conquering, slaying, and making the world a better place together.


The air is crisp and clean as I walk upon cobble stone through a street lined with a rainbow of colored buildings and houses, an accordion is playing in the background, twinkle lights dance above me, and I'm eating Stratchiatella Gelato, I am home in Bergamo, Italy.

Share your affirmations with the Phorbe community in the comment section below.

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world, so go forth, Affirm and Slay!

-Queen Maree



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