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100 Things I'm Grateful for this year


We're in the final stretch of the year and I am feeling oh so grateful for such an amazing year of growth and prosperity. I thought I'd put together a list of all of the things I am grateful for this year. I have decided that this will be my thing now and moving forward. I will post this list every year for as long as Phorbe is breathing.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here is the inaugural list:

100 Things Queen Maree is Grateful for 2021:

  1. My home

  2. Renewed my lease

  3. Blaze Pizza

  4. Little Ceasar's Pizza

  5. Awaken Float Lounge

  6. Modern Family

  7. I got a raise at the top of the year

  8. I got a bonus at the top of the year

  9. I got let go a couple of weeks after that ( still a good thing)

  10. 8 months of rest

  11. Shein

  12. Beyonce's Alive

  13. Doja Cat's Need to Know

  14. the Montero Album

  15. The Planet Her Album

  16. The Big Bang Theory

  17. The Flash

  18. Malignant Movie on HBO Max

  19. Red Notice Movie on Netflix

  20. New Jack City

  21. Sister Sister

  22. Cruella Movie

  23. A Different World

  24. The Bussit Challenge got me into Tik Tok

  25. Hitting 10k on TikTok - a long term goal of mine

  26. Becoming a real estate investor by investing in Orchard Island Capital

  27. Receiving free money for my REIT investments

  28. Stay Golden Cosmetics for my first Affiliate Marketing sales

  29. Amazon for my 2nd affiliate marketing sales

  30. Fiverr as a stream of revenue for my virtual assisting business

  31. On that same token, Upwork as a stream of revenue for my virtual assisting business

  32. Taking my business virtual, there's just something about making money from home while butt naked eating cheese in bed

  33. Megan Thee Stallion's Thot Shit inspired one of my best videos of the year

  34. One of my Tik Tok Followers Yashera for all of her love and support

  35. A follower that follows me on both Tik Tok and Instagram Tiffany

  36. My new TikTok friend Jazzi Flores for the makeup tips

  37. ELF Holy Hydration Makeup Melting Balm

  38. Elf Cosmetics in general - great products for an even better price

  39. Maybelline Cosmetics for the same reason

  40. Fun times at Knott's Berry Farm

  41. Fun times at Universal Studios Hollywood this Summer

  42. My first visit to Six Flags

  43. The X2 rollercoaster...I died and came back to life on that ride

  44. The Harry Potter ride at USH is LIFE

  45. Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm brought me so much joy

  46. An evening at the OC Fair with my sisters and their mom

  47. The Ferris Wheel at Irvine Spectrum

  48. The Candyman Movie

  49. The Eternals Movie

  50. Shang Chi Movie

  51. The Forever Purge

  52. Coming 2 America

  53. An afternoon of dressing up in headwraps with my roommate for a Coming 2 America TikTok

  54. Godzilla vs. Kong - Kong won (.)

  55. Getting hired at the best job I've ever had without even having to interview

  56. Making the most I've ever made hourly

  57. The Creative Outlet TikTok has become

  58. Meeting Paola Rosser and guest starring on the Fearless Female Podcast

  59. Going to Color Me Mine with my mentor for my birthday

  60. Maintaining my 40lbs lost in 2019-2020

  61. I'm grateful for the strength I've had to stay away from soda ALL YEAR

  62. The King Richard Movie

  63. Mark Konopka who's a follower on Phorbe's Instagram page

  64. Eggo Waffles

  65. Coffee

  66. Cream of Wheat

  67. Coco Wheats

  68. Loaded Broccoli as a healthy daily snack

  69. vitamins that come in gummies

  70. Crystal Light

  71. My connection with my spirit guides and higher self

  72. The progress I've made on my healing journey

  73. The revelations experienced from shadow work

  74. My esthetician

  75. My church - Eastside Christian Church

  76. I haven't gone hungry this year

  77. Dave Ramsey

  78. Gary V.

  79. Doja Cat

  80. Lil Nas X

  81. Rihanna's Example

  82. Beyonce's Greatness

  83. My laptop

  84. My phone

  85. Wigs...I discovered those this year and how easy they can be

  86. Aloe Vera - I use it for EVERYTHING

  87. Apple Cider Vinegar

  88. Avocados for helping my hair grow and shine

  89. Aveeno lotion for saving my hands from being dried out by hand sanitizer

  90. My health I am still 100% COVID free

  91. Chris Johnson for teaching me about the stock market

  92. The Wealth Squad for coming through with stock market plays

  93. Canva

  94. Loomly for helping me automate social media posts

  95. Inshot for being a low-cost video editor I can use on my phone

  96. My crowns which are either from Shein or Amazon

  97. Walmart for selling my favorite outfit leggings and a tank top for just $9. They're super soft and comfy. I've got multiple pairs in multiple colors.

  98. My brother LeLand and all of his growth this year

  99. I'm grateful for a successful first year wearing contacts

  100. I'm grateful for all of the Queens in the Phorbe Queendom who've watched, liked, commented, read, and/or sent me a message on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pintrest, and here on the Phorbe website!

Well, that's my list. What are you grateful for this year, Queen?

Step into the Queen You're Meant to Be and SLAY!!!

-Queen Maree


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