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It's been a rough week for me Queens. I'm not depressed. I'm not anxious. Everything is working out for me right now the way that it needs to...the way it's supposed to. However, I am annoyed. I'm annoyed that things aren't going at the pace that I want them to. I've been really digging deep on the concept of letting go and letting God and it's left me exasperated. Letting go of control and really relying on God's timing instead of forcing my own timing is something that I've been focusing on in therapy's a lot harder said then done. It left me in a funk. This blog post is for those of you who are experiencing similar funks and are looking for ways to chase away the blues.

I woke up on Monday morning with a bad case of the blues. As I've gone about my days, my funk has just lingered. It left me not wanting to do anything that I absolutely didn't want to do. I've got an attitude and if I don't want to do it, I'm just not.

I didn't want to go to work. Fine, I took a sick day.

I didn't want to wake up and do my morning routine, okay. I gave myself a break from waking up at 4am to complete my morning routine.

I gave myself two days to feel my feelings and today, I was ready to break free.

Why only two days and why is it so important to break free of this feeling? Well I have so much to do. My goals are very SMART this year. Everything has a timeline and two days was all that I could truly spare to allow myself to feel these feelings before they became a problem.

But most importantly, as we walk along our spiritual journey, living in our purpose, and manifesting the lives we want to lead, it's important that we keep a close watch on our vibration. As I explained in my blog post on spirituality, our vibration is one of the most important tools in our toolkit for success. Keeping our spirits high allows us to vibrate higher and attract all the positive things we want in our world. Your thoughts create the life you live. If you're vibrating high, then you are thinking more positive thoughts and good things are attracted to you. If you're vibrating low, and your thoughts are negative, you're just going to attract more negativity.

It was important for me to get to work today in dropping my attitude and raising my vibration. As you know, I'm always real with the Phorbe Queens and Queendom on what I'm going through. I think it helps us build community and I also think it helps others of you who may be going through similar things, know that you're not alone. So, below, I've shared my top ten techniques to chase away the blues. Today, I used 1, 3, and 5 and my attitude is in check. I hope these techniques help bring you to a new elevated vibration.

Jazzy's 10 Tips for Chasing Away the Blues

1. Pray

The first thing I would suggest is to pray about the situation. If you know that you're not feeling well and you're having a hard time with something that's going on in your life, leave it with God. They say you can either pray about it or worry about it, but you can't do both. Say a prayer to God and leave your feelings in his capable hands. This helps you to release the importance of the negative feeling you're feeling and pass it off to someone who is more than capable of squashing it.

If you're stuck on where to start, try saying: "Dear Lord, I am feeling (*Insert feeling) because of (*insert feeling). I've given myself time to recognize these feelings and validate them. Now, I'm ready to let them go, as they are no longer serving me. For that reason, God I place this entire situation in your capable hands. I know you will know what to do with it."

2. Journal Three Pages Long Hand

Journaling is another way of releasing the feelings that are cowering over you. Take fifteen minutes to write out the entire situation and leave it all on the page. Don't think about it, just write. Whatever comes to mind about the situation, put it in ink. This is therapeutic as it allows you to work through your feelings and pinpoint exactly why you're feeling the way you're feeling. But it also helps you to recognize how holding on to those negative feelings are only going to hurt you.

If you're stuck on where to start, try writing: "I am feeling (*insert feeling) right now. I am feeling this way because.... " and have at it.

3. Guided Meditation

I find guided meditations to be a beautifully therapeutic way to get rid of pent up negative emotions. Visit YouTube and type "Guided Meditation for (*insert feeling)" into the search bar. I reccomend using headphones and finding a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the meditation.

These meditations are great because the host takes you through a spritual journey of gathering up everything that you've been feeling and letting it go in some tangible way. In meditations that I've used, my feelings have been a heavy anchor attached to me through a rope that I cut to let go or bricks that I've placed in a Hot Air Balloon that I then released into the sky, effectively letting go of them.

4. Go for a Walk Outside

It's a scientific fact that moving your body and spending time in the sun are good negative mood suppressants. So imagine combining the two. For me, just going for a walk around my neighborhood allows me to step outside of the negative bubble that I have been wallowing in. It allows me the opportunity to stretch my legs and my thoughts around what I've been feeling. When I'm looking at the clouds in the sky, the birds flying overhead, cars zooming by and people going about their day, it's hard for me remember why I thought my world was ending a few minutes ago.

5. Take a Spa Bath

I've done an entire blog post on this technique. Taking a bath allows you to literally soak away the negativity. The warm water mixed with the smell of bath salts and oil plus the innocence of bubbles really helps you to either a. forget any negativity you've been feeling and watch it flow down the the drain with the water when you're finished or b. forces the feelings out of you through a much needed and well protected crying session. Do not feel afraid of the latter. Yes, it sounds like a lot of vulnerability, but you are literally in your bathroom with the door closed. Well protected and safe. The perfect setting to let yourself go completely.

Check out the blog post linked above for the perfect bath recipe for releasing negative tension.

6. Listen to Your Favorite Album

Queens, this is when your #PowerPlaylist comes into play. Remember, your power playlist is made up of different songs that help you tap into the Boss Queen that you truly are and remind you of how strong and capable you are. Music is a great way to block out the negativity and reaffirm the opposite.

Put on your favorite power anthem and dance around your bedroom.

7. Do Your Favorite Thing to Do

What do you love to do Queen? When's the last time you did that? Something I realized today, was that it had been a while since I'd done some self-care and that was contributing to reason why my funk just wouldn't go away. Queen it is important that you take some time, every day to focus on your self and do something that makes you happy.

Do you like to bake? Do you like to swim? Are you a foody? Whatever it is, drop everything that you're doing right now and spend sometime doing something you love. Or maybe somebody you love and watch your mood drastically increase.

8. Talk to a Trusted Friend or Mentor

Sometimes we need perspective when we're feeling negative feelings. A good friend or mentor can help you find that perspective. Call a friend and invite them out to a socially distanced outdoor cup of coffee, your treat. The friend can be a great sounding board for talking through your feelings and releasing them. The social distancing is due to the #Panorama. The warm cup of coffee will calm your nerves and it's your treat because your friend/mentor is doing you a favor by accepting the negative energy you're getting rid of.

9. Escape for a Predestined Amount of Time

Last November, when the stress of the holidays during the #Panasonic started to wear on me, I decided to go away for a stay cation. I literally spent #Thanksgiving weekend in a hotel room in San Diego right next to the beach. This allowed me a moment to step outside of the problem, clear my head and come up with a more positive solution than just holding on to the negative feelings everything was causing.

If you have the means to, set a day, no more than three days, and take a solo trip somewhere to clear your head.

10. Consume Something Positive

This one seems like a given, but you'd be surprised how often this tip goes overlooked. As I said before, these feelings aren't super serious like depression or anxiety. They aren't causing you immediate harm and so they aren't as difficult to get rid of. For easy cases, the best way to release those negative feelings could be to consume a positive piece of content. Think of it like watching an episode of your favorite TV show after watching a horror movie to ward of nightmares. Who are some of your favorite content creators? What is your favorite TV Show or movie? Grab your favorite snack and sit down to enjoy the positive feelings that those things elicit for you. When you're done, you probably won't even remember why you need some positivity in the first place.

Step into the Queen You're Meant to Be and SLAY!

-Queen Maree



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