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LETTING GO: Summer 2022's Best You challenge

Queen! It's been way too long since we've done a #BestYouChallenge. If you’re new to the Queendom, there are a few things I should note.

1. There are 4B’s in the Phorbe Queendom: Be Bold, Be Blessed, Be Beautiful, Be the Best You, You can Be! We interact most with these four tenants here on the Phorbe Blog.

2. “Best You” is our fourth B/Tenant. It reminds us that we are ALWAYS a work in progress. We don’t know everything and so we should remain open to learning and trying new things. While it’s important to remain in the present, the systems, routines and habits we create now can help shape our future for the better. “Best You” is our reminder that we are always striving to reach the BEST version of ourselves.

3. Our Best You Challenges are my way to keep the ball rolling and encourage you to continue reaching for that Best Version of you. You know they say, to create a new habit you need to practice that habit every day for at least twenty-one days. Now, we’ve been doing Best You Challenges since 2018 and since then, scientists have found differed on the amount of time needed to really and truly create a habit. Some have said 60 days. Others have said 6 weeks. For that reason, for the first time ever, we are taking on a season-long challenge.

Phorbe’s Summer 2022 Challenge

So, what will that challenge be? Well, I reached out to the Phorbe Queendom via our Instagram Stories to see what it is you all wanted to focus on for our next challenge. I spoke about three areas I’m struggling with, right now, and gave you all those three options to choose from:

A. Morning Routine

B. Fitness

C. Gratitude

The results? We were tied between Fitness and Gratitude.

In our last blog post, I spoke about my need to really let go and let God and the Universe take more control of my life; let them work their magic. It is my intention to live every day in the moment and refrain from setting any goals or expectations for the rest of the year.

I truly believe that once I actively begin to let go and step away from a hustle mentality and into a more relaxed lifestyle where I move with the flow, I will be able to achieve my goals more easily.

I think this is an important habit, we should all keep and because of that, our goal for this Summer is to #GoWithTheFlow.

In order to do this, I think it’s very important that we set the intention every day to allow God and the Universe to lead us wherever they may. The way I set that intention, is by starting every morning with prayer, affirmations, and gratitude.

If you remember, in our last blog post, I wrote out a bit of this. Well, here’s the full thing:

Jesus, take the wheel. I recognize that I cannot do this by myself, I no longer want to do this by myself. God, I place my life in your hands. Fill me with your holy spirit so that I may become YOUR best version of me. I know that I am the Goddess of my domain and you are the fire that fuels my spirit...the end and the beginning... together, there is nothing we can’t do. There is no obstacle that we can’t face.

I’m ready!

Use me, God. Come all the way into my house, not just the front room. I’m ready. Come all the way in and change me from the inside out. Use me. Guide me. Teach me. Show me. Forgive me father, for all my sins, and I thank you for being a father who forgives. Teach me how to let go and let you work because I know that your plan for me far outweighs anything that I can ever dream of for my life. Show me how good it can get! I don’t have to chase, with you on my side. I attract. Whatever is meant for me, will find its way to me because of you.

I want to take a moment to thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

Thank you for (point of gratitude from yesterday)

Thank you for (point of gratitude from yesterday)

Thank you for (point of gratitude from yesterday)

Thank you for (affirmation)

Thank you for (affirmation)

Thank you for (affirmation)

In your name, I do pray, Amen!

That is the challenge! Edit this however you like to include whoever or whatever you believe in and to add your personality to it. Then repeat this prayer every morning of every day this Summer.

Bonus points if you repeat this while power posing in the mirror!

With your intention set every day, after repeating this the hope is that over time you learn to let go and let God work in your life. No plan, just here, right now, today. Focus on the present and let God handle the rest. What do you do right now, in the moment? Whatever feels good. If that's rest, then rest. If that's working out, then work out. If that's reading, then read. What happened yesterday is not the focus. What may happen tomorrow, is not the focus; not even what may happen tonight. All that matters is the here and the now.


The first official day of Summer is next Tuesday, June 21st. So the challenge will run from June 21st through Thursday, September 22nd.

To join, all you have to do is send me a direct message on Instagram saying: “I’m in”. Everyone who joins the challenge will receive exclusive direct message videos, messages, and content to help motivate you throughout the Summer to keep going and finish the challenge.

As always, you can follow my journey with the challenge through our Instagram Stories. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk as well. Plus, seeing me do it will be a great reminder of accountability for you and show you that it is, indeed, possible.

So, what do you say Queen? Are you ready to Let go, go with the flow, and SLAYYYY!?!?!?!?!

Step into the Queen you're Meant to Be, hydrate, and SLAY!

-Queen Maree


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