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"Time is a created thing. To say "I don't have time" is just like saying "I don't want to".

-Lao Tzu

There really is no special art to setting the time aside for yourself Queens. However, it's important for you to take at least an hour every day to check in with yourself and see how you're doing.

I want to give you the permission today, right now, to take a couple minutes, 10 minutes to be present in the moment and love on yourself. If you're reading this article right now you have 10 minutes to spend on yourself. Odds are, you were scrolling through Instagram when you came across this post and decided to check it out. You are curious, you are craving more time with yourself. Yet, you are always distracted by social media, TV, and other mind numbing activities.

The average Phorbe post is about 6 minutes long. I've purposely cut this post down to 1 minute. I'm asking you to take an extra 4 minutes on top of the time you would have already used to read a normal length blog post, right now, to make yourself happy. Do whatever you want to do. If you want to draw, draw. If you want to write, write. Go for a walk outside. Sit on your balcony. Grab a glass of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Do you for 10 minutes. The only rules are no social media and no TV.

Find a nice, comfortable, and quiet place where you will be uninterrupted. Set your phone timer to 10 minutes and give yourself time to be with yourself.

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So go forth, love yourself, and Slay!

-Queen Maree



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