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Summer goals recap

Just like that Summer 2018 is coming to a close. Way back on June 17th, we started thinking about our summer goals, soon after we set actionable goals and have been hard at work and play to achieve those goals ever since. Here's our final Summer Goals check-in! How did you do Queens?


On June 17th, we spoke about “What Makes You Happy”. We created a list of ten things that brings joy into our lives.

In “Mapping Out a Plan Towards a Better Future”, we looked at our list of things that makes us happy, circled the things we don’t have in our lives right now and made actionable goals to bring those things back into our lives.

Next, we spoke about “Unearthing your Perseverance”, where we discussed different tips to keep going when the motivation and inspiration run out.

After that, we started adding different tricks to our bag for our journey towards success. We spoke about affirmations, vision boards, mantras, power posing, meditating on our blessings.

In an effort to show you rather than just tell you, I’ve shared with you examples in my own life of how God has blessed me in mysterious ways, how I manage failure, how I take risks, and how I've learned to follow my intuition.

We went in depth on what a Pivot is and even did an analysis on our Summer Goals and pivoted on some of those goals.

Finally, we started exploring some elements of spirituality such as our Higher Self and spirit guides. We also explored forgiveness on a whole other level.

That is a lot Queens, but was it all worth it?

My Summer Goals

Here's a look at my Summer Goals as of today! Everything in BOLD was completed. Everything that is underlined was pivoted on. Everything else, is still a work in progress.

7. Freedom

A. Financial Freedom - Completed

i. Review fiances and create a new budget that prioritizes tithing, saving, bills, and summer fun with my siblings in that order by June 30, 2018.

ii. Rework my driving schedule so that my weekend falls on Sunday and Monday instead of Saturday and Sunday by June 30, 2018.

B.Physical Freedom

i. Commit to drinking half of my body weight in ounces of water for the entire summer.

ii. Cut down to one 24 oz bottle of soda every forty eight hours PIVOTED to

Develop 100 reasons why I should drink more water and remove soda from my diet by September 22nd.

iii. Walk up and down the hill (I live on a steep hill) every morning this summer, with the option to walk on Sundays

8. Having Friends I can hang out with and be Vulnerable With - Pivoted

A. Continue the practice of saying yes to every social invitation

B. Reach out to three friends who no longer live in California and coordinate trips to visit them where they live now by July 31, 2018.

C. Extend three social invitations for lunch/brunch and three for a fun activity by August 31, 2018

10. Traveling

A. See #8B

B. Save $40 a week outside of savings for two international trips. One Birthday trip to somewhere in North America and one trip in January to a different continent.

C. Make a point to visit: Malibu with my blood sisters on Thursday, San Diego with my little Sunday July 29th, and Vegas with my brother August 24th and 25th

As you can see, I've completed all of my financial goals for the Summer and then some. Because I received my settlement check, I was able to set up a nice savings account and a business account for Phorbe. I was also able to put together a realistic budget and stick to it.

I pivoted on my water and soda goals. When we began to discuss pivoting, I realized that this goal was harder than I thought. So I decided to get down to the root of the issue and put together a list of why it's important for me to drink water and drop soda from my diet. After creating that list, I completely dropped soda from my diet for a month and now have brought my soda intake down to a maximum of 2 12oz cans a day. Although that's the maximum, I don't hit that every day. Some times I only have one can, and many times, I don't have soda at all.

I pivoted on all of my friend goals and decided it was time to hire some coaches instead. I need to spend some time with myself learning about myself and growing to love myself on a deeper level. I've hired a spiritual coach today and am on the look out for a therapist, a fitness coach, a business coach, and a voice coach.

I've reached all of my travel goals and am now looking for places to travel to in 2019. I did a poll on Phorbe's Instagram page back in July and it looks like I am going to be going back to Italy and to Canada.

How do your goals look Queens? What have you completed? Have you celebrated those wins yet? All next week, I'm celebrating my life as it's my birthday so I will definitely celebrating all of my wins.

Moving Forward

Now that Summer is done and Fall is upon us set more goals and pivot on the goals, you have yet to make any progress in, from the Summer. There are two goals that I did not meet that is walking up and down my hill every day and taking LeLand to Vegas.

LeLand and I's Summer trips have been moved to December. He needed to work out some issues with his vacation hours at work.

Walking up the hill everyday has been a tough one to get started on. I've only done this maybe three times this Summer. However, this is an important goal for me and I don't want to drop it. I think when it comes to any physical fitness and health goals for myself I need to look at the why first before jumping into the how. So, as I did with my goal of drinking more water than soda, I am going to pivot this goal to the following five goals:

A: Physical Health

1. Write a list of 50: 15 things my body feels like, 15 things my body looks like, 15 things I can do with my body, 5 things I can't do with my body.

2. Develop a physical fitness and Health affirmation that describes my ideal body, how I feel, what it looks like, what I can do with it.

3. Research three activities I would like to do that are fun and exciting to help me stay active during the week.

4. Research four recipes I can try for meal prep that will help me eat more nutritious foods.

5. Try each activity and recipe for a month.

6. Continue drinking half your body weight in water and reducing Soda intake.

Here are my new goals for the Fall 2018 (excluding plans for the Holidays, Phorbe and the Queen Maree brand):

B-Financial Goals

1. Repaint my apartment

2. Get new carpet for my apartment

3. Refurnish my apartment

4. Purchase camera, lighting, editing equipment

5. Sign up for coaches and memberships

a. Spiritual Coach

b. Fitness Coach

c. Therapist

d. Business Coach

e. Studio membership

f. Voice Coach

g. Activities listed in A3&5

6. Stick to Budget set in the Summer

7. Go back to work Ridesharing full time on November 2nd

C: Spiritual Goals

1. Finish Purpose Driven Life

2. Finish the Artists Way

3. Purchase and read five more books

4. Continue spiritual morning and evening routines

5. Build a friendship with God by constantly keeping a conversation going with him through praise and worship

6. Complete a full semester with the God's Gals and Mental Health small groups at Church

7. Signup to volunteer at Church

8. Read and Study the book of Psalms

What's on your goals list for the Fall Queens? Let me know in the comment section below.

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So, go forth and slay!

-Queen Maree



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