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Wow, Queens! I can't believe we're already in the month of November. This year has gone by so fast. With a new month, means a new Best You Challenge. We will end the year with physical challenges just because the end of the year is when we tend to risk it all for delicious food, lounging around with our boos and family, and all the cakes, pies, and cookies. But before, we get into this month's challenge, let's take a look back at how last month's challenge went!

Recap: October's Best You Challenge

October's Best You Challenge was by far, my favorite challenge. It was so quick and easy to do. I actually realized, that I never stopped my solo Beyonce Dance Parties. I just dropped the "Beyonce". I still have multiple moments throughout the day, where I just want to jam and rock out to a great song, I just don't need the song to be a Beyonce song anymore. So throughout the challenge, I rocked out to multiple dance parities throughout the day.

The only struggle I had during this challenge is uploading videos of my jam sessions. I am still trying to figure out how to get past the copy right laws when uploading videos with music on Instagram. Other people do it, so I know there's a way to, I just need to do some more digging.

All in all, the #SoloDanceParty craze is something that I will definitely continue doing every single day.

I am 6-0 on #BestYouChallenges Queens. I'm still drinking water, still power posing, still working through my #Power90 morning routine, still journaling, still meditating on gratitude, and will continue dancing it out.

November's Best You Challenge

Assuming that you, too, have also made all of the good habits from our #BestYouChallenges apart of your life, you spend about 40 minutes a day, outside of your morning routine, just being with yourself and loving on yourself. This month, I'm asking you to bump that forty minutes up to an hour and take a twenty minute daily walk.

There are three benefits to completing a daily walk:

1. Time with yourself of significant other

This challenge will give you that peace and quiet you need away from the hoopla of your life for a whole 20 minutes. Walk in silence or listen to music. Walk fast or walk slow. Take in the sights of your neighborhood. Discover new streets you have yet to venture down. Do whatever you want to do, this time is for you.

2. It's another form of meditation

Depending on when you take your walks, you can take the time to clear your head and prepare for the next part of your day. If you walk in the morning, you can take the time to breathe and center yourself before you begin your day. If you walk during lunch, you can take a moment to digest what's happened in the day already and prepare for the rest of the day. Or, if you walk at night, you can use the time to go over the day and let go of any negative feelings of stress and worry; preparing you for a great nights sleep.

While you're walking try to ask yourself questions to prepare you for whatever part of your day you're getting ready to embark on. Questions like:

What are my intentions for today?

What do I want to accomplish today?

How do I want to feel today?

How am I feeling so far today?

What have I accomplished so far?

How can I finish the day strong?

3. Great exercise

Walking is a great form of cardio exercise that will aid in the fight to keep off the holiday weight!

The challenge is simple. Just take 20 minutes every day and go for a walk. Around your neighborhood, around your apartment complex; wherever you choose. The particulars about where you go and when you go are up to you. Just take the walk.

How to Join

Since there are only 30 days in November, this month's challenge will begin on November 10th and run through the end of the month. On November 10th, I will post the challenge's cover photo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To join the challenge, comment "I'm In" on that post on Instagram. Then make sure you check in weekly for accountability and the chance to win free giveaways!

So Queens, are you ready to "Walk It Out" with me? Points if you know where that reference is from!

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So, WALK into the Queen you're meant to be and Slay!

-Queen Maree



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