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Queens, as you know Phorbe focuses on the 4Bs to reach your goals: Bold, Blessed, Beauty, Best You. To learn more about the 4B's click here! I think our journey together is going to be very rewarding whenever we discusses that last B...Best You!

What is Best You? Best you is walking in your life's purpose and sharing your gifts with the world while staying dedicated to education and reaching the best version of yourself. This is the part of you that is constantly setting and reaching for and obtaining goals. The part of you that gives back to the community rather through money or time. That part of you that pushes yourself in the Gym, that keeps you awake at night studying, that wakes you up early in the morning to get your day going.

Okay, cool. Why does that matter? Every month we will strive to complete a challenge that will help us reach the best version of ourselves. These challenges will be good habits to set for ourselves to help us be happier, healthier, and more productive beings. Each challenge will run for twenty one days and thus will begin on either the 10th or 11th (or 8th) of the month.

Why 21 days? Well according to neurosurgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz it takes exactly 21 days to form a habit. We want these challenges to stick and help us build better versions of ourselves. If it takes 21 days to get there...we'll do 21 days.

What's our first challenge? Why thanks Queen for asking. Our first challenge this month will be a morning routine challenge. Do you ever find yourself forgetting something when you're already halfway to work? Do you ever skip breakfast for the sake of time? Do you ever find that when you get home, you just don't have enough time left in the day to get what you need to get done, done? A morning routine can help you take care of all of that. There have been thousands of articles posted that talk about things millionaires or successful people do everyday...each of those articles include having a morning routine as one of them. A morning routine will help you jump start your day on a positive and productive note. Waking up a little earlier will help your mind catch up to your body. You'll feel like a boss when you leave for work having already accomplished three goals. Finally, when you return home at night and your pillow hits the bed, you will rest easy knowing you what? THAT! You conquered your day!

Ok, so how does the challenge work? This month's challenge will start on Friday May 11th. Before then take the time to think about how your morning can be improved. For me, I know I will have a much better day if I start my morning off, with prayer and meditation, reading, and a 30 minute workout. If I get that done, I know I will have a productive day. Take this week and a half that we have before the challenge starts to look at what your mornings are now, and how you think they can be improved for the future. What three areas will help you start your day at a sprint rather than a slow crawl?

Once you have those three areas, turn them into I will statements. I will read for 15 minutes. I will stretch for 5 minutes. I will eat breakfast. If you want, you can keep going and turn those statements into mantras to keep you motivated. For example: I will eat breakfast, so I can kick this day's a**.

Join the challenge on May 11th and set your alarms to wake up early enough to complete your new habits. For the next twenty one days, complete your three tasks every morning.

How do I join the challenge:

1. Login to Instagram and comment "I'm in" under the official May Best You Challenge post, that will be posted right after this blog post goes live today.

2. Print the photo below and write in your three statements.

3. Leave this by your bedside. So you don't forget.

There is no requirement to share your three habits with the Phorbe Community...although we'd love to see them to support you better.

Every week I will post a request to check in and push you ( with giveaways and very motivational speeches) to check in with me to keep you accountable.

What if I forget to complete the challenge one day: That's okay. Just don't let it be come a habit...(haha...see what I did there?). We are all in this together queens. Working to improve ourselves and reach that sweet sweet victory. Mistakes are made everyday, the best thing we can do when we make mistakes is to review what led to the mistake being made, learn from that, adjust accordingly and keep going. You can do this Queen. I have faith in you!

Any more questions? Please leave them in the comment section below.

I have one for you though? Will you join me for Phorbe's 1st ever Monthly Best You Challenge?

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world! So go forth and slay!!!



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