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We have reached a new cycle Queens. If you notice, our blog posts have been coming in a particular order: Bold, Beauty, Blessed, Best You. Today, we are back to talking about that first B of Phorbe, Bold.

Bold is walking confidently in your purpose through life because you know who you are and why you were put on this planet.

Today, I want to discuss using mantras to help you stay confident even when your situation is uncomfortable.

What are Mantras

The dictionary describes a mantra as a statement or slogan repeated frequently. Now, we've already discussed affirmations and how repeating your goals in a completed present tense helps to train your mind to focus on your goals and motivates you to complete them. Mantras work in a similar way. 

Mantras help guard and protect your positive feelings while shifting the focus away from negative emotions to facts. For example, over on Phorbe's Instagram community, our mantra for the week is:

 "Action is the key to my success." 

This is to help remind us that we can't solve our problems or reach our goals by sitting in our pity. We have to get up, put our money where our mouths are and put in the work to change our current situations. When something happens in our life, our first instinct is to get sad, angry, or both. While it is okay to feel those feelings briefly, we need to get acting and implement some solutions in order to improve. 

If you've seen The Help you know of another famous mantra: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." Viola Davis' character, Aibileen told Mae, the young girl she cared for, this every time her mother did something inhumane or degrading to her. This mantra always helped Mae to overcome the negative feelings she was experiencing as a result of her mothers actions.

You actually use mantras everyday, you just haven't recognized you are until now. Mantras can calm us down when we are in the middle of a break down or anxiety attack. They can comfort us when we want to cry. They can pump us up when we need to do something scary. For instance, every time I get on a roller coaster that is frightening as hell and triggers my fear of heights I look at all the kids in the line and say: "If those kids can do it, than so can I." That is a mantra I use to give me the courage to get on that ride and have the time of my life.

Different types of mantras

Whenever you feel a negative energy form in your aura use a mantra to help repel that energy. Here are a couple different mantas to choose from.

Inspirational Quote, Song Lyric, or Bible Verse

There is a reason why every inspirational or motivational page in Facebook and Instagram post quotes. They aren't just something you should look at and read once. You should commit them to memory and recite them when you need the inspiration their words provide. 

When people tell me I am always doing too much, I recite my favorite inspirational quote : 

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!" -Vince 


This quote reminds me that I am putting in the work necessary to make my dreams a reality.

Song lyrics from your power playlist can have the same effect. When I say:

"I am a survivor, I'm not gone give up, I'm not gone stop, Imma work harder".

I am reminding myself that I have been through a lot and I've conquered it all. So this current situation isn't going to stop me, I'm going to conquer this too and keep conquering anything that challenges my goals and dreams until I have accomplished everything I set out to do.

In the same respect, bible verses can help us remember the word of god and what Jesus would do in our current situations. They too, can be used as mantras to help you #PushThru a negative situation. 

When ever I began to doubt myself and my ability I recite my favorite bible verse, which is actually the foundatiin of Phorbe:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13 

This verse helps remind me that I can do anything I set my mind to because God empowers me to walk in my purpose and leads the way.

I am statement

These are freat for those moments when we need to be our own cheerleaders. When you use an I am statement you are negating anything thats happening in the present and reminding yourself of who you truly are and what the mission is. 

+I am Jasmine Johnson, there is no one else like me, and no one else can do what I do.

+I am fine, fierce, and fabulous.

+I am proactive, passionate, and productive.

+I am a writer.

+I am an award winning public speaker.

I am statements shift your focus on whats important and in return clears your mind of all the negativity your facing and helps you focus on the current mission. I am statements remind you that you aren't new to this, you're true to this. Even if you are new, you are still going to dominate.

I am statements are great for your morning routine. Stand in your mirror using a power pose. Stand straight up, feet spread apart at shoulder width, with your chest pumped up and out, your hands on your hips, and your head held high. Then repeat I Am...phrases to get yourself hyped to have an awesome, productive and positive day.

Using Mantras

Instead of jumping to conclusions and letting your mind run rampant. Train yourself to repeat a mantra until you are calm and ready to focus. Here are some of my favorite mantras to use. You can find other inspirational mantras by following inspirational communities like Phorbe on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

~What would Beyonce do?

~Not today Satan, you will not still my joy.

~This is my, insert possession you would like to obtain or maintain, nobody's taking this from me.

~Imma keep running because a winner doesn't  quit on themselves.

~When Jesus says yes,  nobody can say no.

Share with the Phorbe community your favorite mantras you use to stay on track in the comment section below.

It's a great day to conquer the world Queens, go forth and slay today, all day, everyday!

-Queen Maree



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