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Queens, sometimes the best form of motivation to help you get over any hump and reach your goals is visualizing what you want to do, be, and see in your life. A great way to do that is to figure out what you want and create a bucket list. A bucket list is the ultimate goals list of everything you want to see and do before you die. This is a great tool to have whenever you're feeling particularly unmotivated. Just pull your list out and go through each item for a great inspirational boost. Take some time this week to put together your bucket list of 25 things you want to do, 25 things you want to see, 25 things you want to be, and 25 things you want to have. For example, check my bucket list below:

25 Things I want to Do

1. Write a Best Selling Book

2. Write a Billboard Top 100 Song

3. Write a Critically Acclaimed Movie

4. Get married in Italy

5. Start a non-profit that will end familial homelessness in America

6. Fly to Italy for Italian food for just one night and fly back

7. Dance around like the Cheetah Girls in Barcelona

8. Be interviewed by Oprah

9. Have dinner with Oprah

10. Hangout with Beyonce and Jay Z

11. Host the MTV Video Music Awards

12. Host a Talk Show named after me

13. Change society's perspective on homeless people

14. Spend a week on a private island with no one around within 20 miles

15. Dress up and partake in Carnival in Rio

16. Dress up and partake in Mardi Gras

17. Kiss my boyfriend/husband in the middle of Time Square on New Years Eve

18. Change society's perspective on dark skinned black women

19. Uplift up and coming artist and talent by bringing them into spaces they'd never be invited to

20. Give away at least a billion dollars to families affected by natural and unexpected tragedies

21. Go on an international trip with my mom and brother LeLand

22. Get paid $1,000,000 to give inspirational speeches around the world

23. Buy and give away 50,000 homes

24. Hold a tiger cub

25. Have the #1 Book, Movie, TV Show and Song all at the same time

25 Things I Want to See

1. The Ruins in Greece

2. The Eiffel Tower

3. The Great Wall of China

4. Niagra Falls

5. The Grand Canyon

6. The Taj Mahal

7. The Pyramids of Egypt

8. The statue of Jesus in Rio De Janiero

9. The Northern Lights

10. The FIOS bench in Amsterdam

11. My birth child smile up at me

12. Aushwitz

13. A crowd of fans singing my song back to me

14. A movie I wrote on the big screen

15. Disneyland Paris

16. Disneyland China

17. A mystery adventure trilogy with a black female lead, I wrote adapted for the big screen

18. The ocean from a hot air balloon

19. Oprah's Garden

20. The Obama's dining room

21. The place in the sky where heaven touches earth again (aka I want to sky dive again)

22. The inside of the Roman Colosseum

23. The inside of Buckingham palace

24. The inside of an Oscars After Party

25. Sea Turtles in Hawaii

25 Things I Want to Be

1. Oscar Winning Writer

2. Grammy Winning Singer

3. Emmy Winning Actress

4. Tony Winning Writer

5. Pulitzer Prize Winner

6. A crowd favorite on a popular TV show

7. A wife

8. A mom

9. An adopted mom

10. An world class painter

11. An world class photographer

12. Certified Spiritual Life Coach

13. An entrepreneur

14. A quiet philanthropist (no one will ever know how many people I've helped and how)

15. Thick-fit at 165lbs

16. Paid spokesperson for Mt.Dew

17. Multilingual: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, Greek

18. A maid of honor

19. A college creative writing professor

20. A world class dancer

21. A world class pianist

22. On the cover of Vogue Magazine

23. An animated character in either Family Guy or Bob's Burgers

24. A favorite aunt

25. 1/3 of a tight nit group of life long girlfriends

25 Things I want to Have

1. An estate that stays in my family for at least a century

2. An infinity pool

3. A waterfall shower

4. A large spa bathtub

5. 2010 Light Blue Chrysler Sebring Convertible with a Tan interior

6. A large kitchen with all the equipment, tools, and ingredients I would ever need

7. A maid

8. $20,000,000,000

9. A view of the ocean

10. My own stationary and planner product line

11. My own home fragrance line

12. My own Pizza Restaurant Chain

13. An after-school non-profit that teaches young WOC practical life skills

14. Natural healthy shoulder length hair

15. My own jewelry line

16. A Flat in Milan Italy

17. My own affordable professional clothing line

18. My own bust of Obama on Chapman University's campus

19. My own billion dollar scholarship program to send under privileged kids to college

20. My own billion dollar study abroad scholarship program

21.5 tatoos

22. A nose piercing

23.10 marathon completion metals

24. A beach house on ocean drive in Newport Beach/ Corona Del Mar

25. A credit score over 800

Now block out a couple of hours, sit down with some chill music and write out your bucket list.

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So go forth and slay!

-Queen Maree



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