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1, 2, 3 PIVOT

"Never give up."

That's what people say. You've probably even heard me say that a million times during the life of Phorbe.

"Keep going."

"You'll never know how close you are to reaching your dreams if you give up."

It's true Queens. It's important for you to keep the faith and remain the course when working on something that will help make your dreams a reality. But that's the catch. It has to be something that will make your dreams come true, something that will help you inch closer to completing your goals. If it has nothing to do with your goals and dreams, it just doesn't deserve your time and energy.

The Pivot

Today we're discussing the second "B" of Phorbe. Bold. Walking confidently in your journey through life because you know who you are and why you were put on this planet. There is a lot of information here to swallow and digest, and so I have broken this article into three parts. Queens, a large part of reaching success is focus. You have to remain focused on your goals in order to see them into fruition.

The thing is, working on your goals includes physically working to make your goals come true, for example working out to lose weight. But it also requires some brain power. Once you set a goal, it's important to return to that goal after some time to track your progress.

In reviewing your goals, you may find that one or more of your goals no longer excites you. Maybe you started towards this goal for the wrong reasons or you've discovered another goal that will completely override the current goal you'r working towards. It could be that you are no longer interested in seeing that goal through. Not because you're afraid you won't make it or too lazy to put in the work. But you've grown and in that growth you've realized that you want something else out of life. What you thought was your purpose before, has actually morphed into something new; completing shattering the goals you once had.

When this happens, when you find that something you started is no longer beneficial in helping you fulfill your purpose you have a few choices. You can stop pursing the goal all together, tweak the goal to fit your new interests, or shift focus towards another goal. Each of these options would be considered a pivot. Changing course. Changing your mind. Changing your goals to refocus on your purpose.

Pivoting is Normal

Queens, it's totally normal to pivot and perfectly okay. I had a goal of getting hired on at my last temp job. The money was so good already as a temp. It would only get better once I was hired on and given full benefits. However, after I watched Steve Harvey's video on taking the leap of faith in yourself I realized that it was time for me to take the leap myself. My goal shifted and I pivoted towards setting myself up to drive as a ride-sharer in order to support myself while starting Phorbe.

Do you need to Pivot

Next Tuesday, August 7th marks the middle of Summer. As you know, we have been hard at work realizing our Summer Goals in order to bring more joy into our lives. At this halfway point, it's important to review your goals and track the progress you've made towards completing them. Sit down with your written goal and ask yourself the following questions:

Which goals have I completed? How do I feel about completing those goals?

Which goals have I made progress on? Are these goals still important to me?

Which goals have I not made any progress with and why?

For all the goals you've completed plan a celebration for yourself.

For all of the goals you've made good progress on that still excite you, keep going.

For all of those goals that you've made no progress on or are no longer important to you, you may need to make a pivot. However, I want you to know that these aren't decisions that you should make lightly.

So, I will leave you now to identify which goals you're unsure about. Next Monday, we will continue this series on pivoting by going through the decision process of deciding whether to pivot or not. On Wednesday, we will discuss how to make the pivot.

It's a great day to conquer the world, so go forth, review your goals and conquer!

-Queen Maree


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