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Hello Queens! Welcome to our first "BLESSED" blog post since our hiatus.

Before our hiatus, I had mentioned that I was beginning my spiritual journey and Queen, have I learned some thangs (yes, thangs) since we last spoke.

Let's recap! The last time we spoke about my journey, I detailed the five things I have learned about spirituality so far, here. I highly suggest that you take a look at that blog post and refresh your memory on that, before reading this one.

Since that blog post, way back in September of 2018, I have been working hard to be consistent with, what I call, the Spiritual Trifecta: praying, meditating, and journaling. If you have been following Phorbe on Instagram, you know that I have been waking up at 4am to complete my morning routine every day. My morning routine consists of:

1. Praying

2. Reading a daily devotional (most likely through the app #SheReadsTruth)

3. Listening to my morning power playlist

a. Come Together by Gary Clark Jr.

b. The Circle of Life from The Lion King

c. Say Yes by Michelle Williams ft. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

d. Black Parade by Beyonce

4. Meditating

5. Journaling 3 pages longhand

I am also working on staying consistent with my evening routine, which includes:

1. Writing down 3 things I'm grateful for

2. Writing down any questions or concerns I have for God

3. Listening to my evening power playlist

a. We Got Love by Teyana Taylor

b. I like that by Janelle Monae

c. Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

d. Exhale by Whitney Houston

4. Setting my intentions for the next day

5. Praying and falling asleep to a sleep meditation

I have also dedicated myself to continuing to learn about different aspects of my spiritual journey. Through all of that, I have 3 more things I have learned on my spiritual journey, so far:

1. Spiritual Baths

The first major change I have incorporated into my life is taking Spiritual Baths every month. Again, I did my research first, which is something that I highly recommend for everyone reading this post, right now. I can only share with you my experience with these concepts. You have to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. My only hope in sharing what I have been learning, is that you will ask these questions for yourself and begin reaching for your higher self.

As I've gotten to know myself more and more through the spiritual trifecta, I've noticed a huge shift in my mood and energy. I vibrate on a higher frequency when I am consistent with my morning and evening routine. When I skip a day, I can feel it. Instead of looking at life through a grateful lens, I worry about all the things I don't have or all the things I still have left to do. I'm cranky, irritable, and more susceptible to giving into temptations like spending outside of my budget or cheating on my diet.

So, because of that I have been working to stay as consistent as possible and keep my morning and evening routine, even on the weekends. I've noticed the reasons I won't complete my routines are two-fold: exhaustion or just not in the mood aka depression.

To help me bypass these feelings and keep consistent, I have been looking for different aids to help me in maintaining a high level of vibration. One of those things is taking a spiritual bath.

As I understand it, a spiritual bath helps you reset and refocus on your goals. You use the powerful energy of a full moon to, almost recharge your vibration; give it a boost so to speak.

Because you're using the energy of the full moon, I complete my spiritual baths on or within two days of the full moon every month.

I go into each bath with three intentions and Queens, I kid you not, all of those intentions are met or I am able to hyper focus on them and work towards meeting them throughout the month.

I highly suggest trying out spiritual baths if you're looking for a way to boost your spiritual journey. Here's a good video on the basics of spiritual baths. Moving forward, I have been dipping into burning sage to clear all of the negative energy in my home and using crystals to maximize the energy around me. I'll talk about these in a future post when I feel more comfortable with my knowledge and use of both tools.

2. Spirituality vs. organized religion

One thing I have been struggling with is where religion fits into spirituality. Growing up, I was always taught that anything spiritual was devil worship and that we should only follow organized religions.

However as I've gotten older and the more I have learned to think for myself, I am learning that not everything that isn't pure and holy in my grandmother's eyes is devil worship. In fact, I am blessed to have found a church home that understands that organized religion is man made. While it may have started off with the best intentions, there are so many things that we are told are good and bad that aren't necessarily so. For example, the word Christian doesn't exist in the bible. Instead at my church, we call ourselves followers of Jesus.

On the subject of spirituality vs. religion, I have learned that religion is not the only path to God. God is within you. When you focus on the God within and not just the God that has been created without, that's when you get your true power.

I have also learned about the well. The well is a metaphoric look at God's power. As humans, we try so hard to put God into a box that we can understand. However, God is not like us and so he is not limited to what we know or what we believe in. God is ALL powerful and ALL knowing. He can do absolutely ANYTHING. The well represents God's power and and love for all human beings. We all, each and every single one of us, has access to the well. However, because so many of us are vibrating low or wearing masks to cover our ego, we have not recognized this source of unlimited power. Our connection to the well is weak. A person who is tapped into their spirituality vibrates higher and thus their connection to the well is stronger and consistent.

This is how manifesting works. This is what I truly mean when I say everything you want is already yours, you just have to reach out and grab it. What you really need to do is strengthen your connection to the well so that you can make it happen.

Do you get it? This is some powerful stuff, so I understand if right now you're like WOAH! WHAT THE F*CK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? Imagine the well is the grocery store and you need food to survive. However, because of all the ish that has happened in your life and all of the corona, racists and politics wrecking havoc in the world, you can't see how to get to the grocery store to get food. The grocery store is there for everyone to come and get food, every one has equal access to the store. But because the external factors of the world and trauma from your past has taken such a toll on you, you don't know how to get to the grocery store. So you settle for never being full and constantly running on empty. The spiritual trifecta are tools that can help you chip away at the trauma that is blocking your view. They help you look within and learn to face yourself and what you've been through so you can heal from it. The more you look within and heal, the more you will be able to see. Once your connection is stronger, you can access the grocery store and fill up anytime you want on anything you want. That is the connection between spirituality and God.

3. Leveling up in Spirit Guides

Finally, I have leveled up in Spirit Guides. I no longer see Amy. Now, I see a skinny, but buff black man with kind eyes, long dreads, and a goatee. I call him John, although I have never really asked him for his name. I had a huge spiritual breakthrough about 3 months ago and that is when John appeared to me, instead of Amy. He said that Amy had taken me as far as she could and that he was here, because I was ready for the next step in my journey.

Again, I have been meditating frequently now. So, when I begin breathing to reach that place where I am completely within and no longer without, I see a beach. The sun is either rising or setting. It's warm and breezy. The air tastes like salt water and smells like seaweed. I am either walking along this beach or sitting at this beach. The well is always in view.

Here's the thing, I am never alone on this beach. When I first started meditating, it was me walking and talking with God. Now, it is me walking and talking with my entire spiritual family. God is behind me always there, always with me. John is on the right. Jazzy, my inner child, is walking on my left and holding my hand. In front of me walks my spirit animal which is a grey and white husky with striking blue eyes. I haven't given her a name yet. And just recently, a little boy dressed up as a ninja with samurai swords walks beside my husky. He represents the fiercest, boldest, part of me. This is my council from whom I seek guidance from when I meditate.

I have been doing a lot of chakra work to heal my childhood trauma of growing up homeless. For this, I lean on Jazzy. I hug her and kiss her and listen to what she's been through. I let her know it's going to be okay.

When I am lost and looking for clarity, I rely on my spirit animal.

When I am looking for guidance I rely on John and my little ninja warrior is there for me to draw strength from.

Again, God is always there walking or sitting with us on the beach and the well is always in view. This is my happy place.

Phew, that was A LOT Queens, I know. Let's talk about it. How do you feel about what I've shared in this post? Does any of it strike you as weird? How is your spiritual journey coming along? Let me know in the comments below.

It's going to be a great day to conquer the world. So step into the Queen you're meant to be and SLAY!



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