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Queens, my struggle is real! I want you all to know that. By no means am I perfect. Everything that I'm blogging about, I'm blogging about it because I'm going through it in the moment.

When I blogged about being overwhelmed, it was because I was feeling overwhelmed. When I blogged about knowing when to take someone's advice, it's because I needed to figure out if the advice I was just given should be taken or left. When I tell you all over and over again that you have to take care of yourselves, I say it to remind myself. I get so caught up in helping others and doing for others that I forget myself.

I'mma always keep it real with you all, my self care game is just...not on point.

When looking at the four B's of Phorbe, my strongest B would be Best You! I'm always striving to do better and be better. However, my weakest is Beauty. I feel so unqualified to talk about Beauty with you all. However, I've put myself in this position to write two beauty posts a month: 1 on outer beauty and 1 on inner beauty!

So when I sat down to write this post...I was at a loss on what to do.

"Okay, they liked the "Fenty Beauty" fact it's my most read what do I do?"

Ooo that looks cool, but would I actually do that on myself, as a highly melaninated Queen?"

"No, I can only post things that I've tried or I'll be a fraud"

Then I got an idea. I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and I love to watch hair tutorials to find new dos for my fro. So, I thought I'd start this journey of self exploration, self love, and self care with you all by sharing some beauty tips that I found, tried, and added to my repertoire!

Queen Maree's 10 Jazzy

Tried and True Beauty Hacks

1. Microwave your beauty blender

This tip was floating around Instagram a couple of months ago and I just had to try it. Apparently, there's a way to make your beauty blenders like new without having to buy a whole new set. All you have to do is microwave them and they come out clean as if you had just bought em. Here's what you do:

1. Get a microwavable cup and fill it half way with soapy water

2. Drop your beauty blender in the cup of soapy water

3. Microwave your beauty blender for 1 minute

4. Carefully drain the cup of water

5. Run Cool water over your beauty blender and rinse it off

Pro tip 1: Don't use a paper cup...I had a huge mess to clean up after trying this

Pro tip 2: Do not touch your beauty blender until you have rinsed it off with cool water. It will be hot!!!

2. Use Oil as a Sealant

Do you know the proper way to apply products to your hair to keep it moisturized? I didn't either. I used to put my oil in first thing after washing my hair and then put my moisturizers. However, I've recently learned that oil is a sealant which means it holds all of the nutrients in place in your hair. If you put your moisturizers on top of your oil, you're keeping your keeping the moister out. Next time you wash your hair, apply your leave in conditioners and moisturizers first, then put oil in your scalp.

Photo Courtesy of Kontrol Magazine

3. Never Buy Blotting Wipes Again

This one is for my queens on a budget. I learned this beauty hack years ago from Cosmopolitan magazine (way before I should have been reading Cosmo). Instead of buying blotting paper and carrying it around with you in your bag, save your coins and just visit the nearest restroom. Chances are that restroom will have toilet seat covers. They are made of the same material as blotting paper. Just pull a toilet seat cover and fold it, tear, it, bend it to whichever shape you want and use that to blot the oil and grit from your face.

4. Highlight your Brow-bone

Rihanna just taught me this with her Vogue makeup video that was just released last week. She said: "The trick with highlighter is not to be afraid of it." Then she used the highlighter to highlight her brow bone. I tried this and glory glory hallelujah. I was shooketh!!!

5. Start your day with Lemon Water

Tia Mowry taught me this trick about a year and a half ago. While you should always start your day off with a nice ice cold glass of water. Freshen your water up with a squeeze of lemon. This helps kick start your metabolism and gives you energy to get through your morning routine. It can also be a great tool to use for weight loss.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar as a Toner

There are so many great uses for Apple Cider Vinegar...hey, that could be a future beauty blog post. But for today, mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts distilled water in a clear plastic bottle (you can get a cute little bottle for about a dollar in the walmart/target travel section). Shake well. Then use a cotton ball or pad to apply to your freshly cleaned face avoiding your eyes. Bonus, you can put this same mixture in a spray bottle and use it to freshen your face on a hot day. Just lightly mist over your face with your eyes close. For a happier face!

Pro Tip: Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into your lemon water every morning for an even better perk to your morning routine!

7. Liner on the Bottom Lid, Mascara on the Top

I have big beautiful (toot toot) round eyes. A trick I learned early on when I began experiment with makeup in high school is that you don't need to bulge your eyes down with both mascara and eyeliner on both lids. For a natural look that makes your eyes pop just the same, use eyeliner on your lower lid only and mascara on your upper lids. Save time and money, and look damn good while doing it!

8. Egg, Mayonnaise and Honey Rinse

For soft and bouncy hair! Grab a bowl and add one cracked raw egg, 2 spoonfuls of mayo, two spoonfuls of honey and a few spoonfuls of your favorite conditioner. Mix with your hand until the egg is dispersed throughout the mixture.

Wash your hair with your shampoo, then condition your hair with your favorite conditioner and finish off by conditioning your hair again with this mixture.

Pro Tip: Make sure to rinse the mixture out of your hair completely, sometimes the hot water can make the egg cook in your hair.

9. Baby Wipes Instead of Tissue

When I studied abroad in Italy, I learned there was something called a Bidet. A bidet is a sink for your tush. You see, in Europe they know what's up. Using tissue to clean up down there, only moves things around. You're not really cleaning your just smearing things in. With a bidet, you sit on this sink and rinse of. However, in America, we don't have time for all of that. So, I use baby wipes. Your mom did it when she changed your diaper, why must things change when we learn how to wipe ourselves? With baby wipes you can rest assured that you are actually cleaning up down there and not wasting toilet paper which in turn, saves a few baby trees.

10. Band-aids to keep the ouchies away?!?!

If you're like me, you love wearing heals but you just would rather feel comfortable. Well this tip will help with those days where heals will just complete your outfit. Place band-aids in your heals in strategic places to prevent pinching, chaffing, and blistering.

There're a few ways to do this:

a. Cut a knee size band-aid in half and place each half around the inside of the back of your heal, cloth part facing down. This will prevent your heal from slipping up and down off of your feet.

b. Place a full knee size band-aid in the bottom of your shoe right under the arch of your foot to keep your feet from slipping in your shoes.

c. Cut a knee size band-aid in half and place each half under the inside of the top of your shoe to keep it from pinching the top of your feet.

Movement = blisters. No movement = a happy Queen who looks bomb as hell.

Have you heard of these tips before? Are you surprised by some? Tell me in the comment section below, which tips you're going to try this weekend!

Writing this post definitely helped me in brainstorming future posts... I can't wait to share, learn, and grow with you as we continue on this journey together!

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So go forth and slay!

-Queen Maree



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