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I don't treat myself enough. So, last week I decided to have a self-care Friday. My goal for the week was to make a good chunk of change so that I can finally go and have a spa treatment day. Now, don't get me confused. I've had plenty of spa days where I go to a spa and soak in the jacuzzi or just go and get the top tier mani/pedi. But I have never had an actual facial or full body massage. This is something I've been wanting to do for years. So Friday comes and I made enough to do a facial, full body massage, get my eyebrows done, a mani/pedi, and do some shopping. It was a great day. The facial was refreshing and relaxing at the same time. The full body massage hurt like hell and felt hella good simultaneously. The color I chose for my mani pedi is so Phorbe and the outfit I got for the fair the next day was bomb dot com.

However, it's been a couple of days and my face has just been in distress ever since the facial. I'm breaking out all over the place. So much so, I look like a pizza. Is this just because it was my first venture into that type of skincare or was it the products that were used. Also, my back has been sore ever since that massage to the point where I'm almost regretting it. Is this how it's supposed to feel or did I just get a janky facial and massage?

It just got me wondering. Up until now, when I wanted to practice self care and couldn't afford fancy facials or massages I just had my own DIY spa day...and it was great. In fact, most of the things I do for self care are free and that's one of the things I love about them. So, since we're speaking of the third "B" of Phorbe, Beauty, I thought I'd share four of my favorite things to do for self care, 1 Self Care Tutorial aka DIY Spa Day, and 3 tips for choosing what to do for your self care. Get it 413? Here we go!

Queen Maree's 4 Favorite Things to do for Self Care

1. Sunday Routine

I think I've spoken about this before. My week starts with an entire day of self care.  If my home and car (the two places I spend the most time at) aren't clean and organized, I feel all discombobulated.  So every Sunday, I spend the day setting myself up for sucess for the following week. Here's a list of what I do:

A. I sleep in

B. I go to church

C. I go grocery shopping

D. I get my car cleaned and detailed

E. Go home and clean my house from top to bottom while listening to my favorite music.  This usually takes a few hours because I'm always stopping to have a solo dance party.

F. Put my groceries away

G. Do my laundry and put it away

H. Organize my jewlry (I'm an accessories whore and if I let it go too long I can end up with jewlry all over the house)

I. DIY Spa 

J. Do my hair for the week

K. Prep my meals for the week

L. Cook a bomb as meal for Sunday Dinner

M. Watch a movie or a favorite TV show to wind down

2. Spending the Day Outside, Preferably in or Near Some Water There are some Sundays when I don't feel like doing all of the above and so I skip it and spend the day in the sun.  These are my lazy Sundays. I love laying back on a lounge chair or blanket and feeling the sun warm my skin.  Then jumping in the pool or walking along the edge of the water at the beach to cool off. I read my favorite book, I watch a movie or a tv show, or I write. Either way, I still feel relaxed and ready to start my week.

3. Making Myself Laugh This is just when I feel like laughing until my sides hurt.  Just the other day I caught up on Wild 'n Out. There are times when I spend hours just watching funny pet videos or baby videos. I went on a Steve Harvey Show deep dive after reading the book Jump. Laughing just makes me feel alive and present. You know what they say, when you're living in the present your are peace.

4. Saying No I am extrovert when I'm around a group of people. But I am mostly an introvert and I don't like going out and partying or being in crowds. So saying no to invitations, or no to taking someones phone call, or even no to doing absolutely anything for the day is my favorite.  Just taking time to be alone with myself and do whatever I want is great.

Queen Maree's Jazzy DIY Spa Day Tutorial

First things first. Take a trip to your local beauty store or Walmart (sometimes it's cheaper).

Purchase the following items: a. face mask- My favorite is the gentle peel off kind b. a bath bomb- I haven't used enough of these to make a recommendation yet, but I love how they feel and smell in my baths c. a new body wash- Anything by Caress has me floating,  d. bubble bath and bath salts- I usually like anything Jasmine or Lavender scented e. Body scrub and body butter- Again, I love Jasmine and Lavender for these as well

f. 5 candles and a lighter- I love the glade 2 in 1 Hawiian Breeze candles

g. a new razor- I love my Intuition razor, it gives me a clean close shave, and the soap around it lathers and moisturizes my skin while I shave.

h. Your favorite Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Here's the instructions. However, feel free to change things up to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

1.Strip out of your street clothes and slip into your robe and slippers. 2. Put on some relaxing music. I like to use the relaxation radio on Pandora. 3. Download the free Ambiance app and adjust the sounds to however makes you feel most comfortable. I like to hear distant thunder, heavy rain, and fireplace together. 4. Light your candles and place them around the bathroom. I have millions of candles, so I usually light up my entire home. 5. Run your bath water.  Make sure you adjust the temperature to your liking. I like my baths to be hot. Once the bath is halfway full, don't forget to pour in your bubble bath and bath salts. 6. Wash your hair and apply your deep conditioner. 7. Wash your face with warm water and apply your mask. 8. Once your tub is full. Turn off the water and drop in your bath bomb.  9. Turn off the lights and slip into your bath.  10. Use the body scrub to exfoliate your skin while your in the bath and then continue soaking. Sink all the way down into the water until only your head is left to rest on the side of the tub. 

11. Lay back and relax. Listen to the music and the sounds from your ambience app. Use the time to take deep breaths, meditate, think about what your grateful for, or just do nothing at all. I usually soak until my water starts to cool down or my fingers start to get pruny.  12. When you're done soaking, drain the bath water and take a cool shower to rinse off and wash your body and shave. 13. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair. 14. Once you're done with your shower towel off and wrap your towel around you and turn the lights back on. 15. Then either peel your mask off or wash your face. 16. Moisturize your body with the body butter.

Afterwards, I usually have my Sunday dinner already made before I get started with all of this. So I just sit and eat and watch a movie or catch up on my favorite TV shows. The skys the limit, do whatever you want to continue the relaxation.

Queen Maree's 3 Self Care Tips

1. Do something that makes you happy:

Self care is all about loving on yourself. Think of it as your in a relationship with yourself. Do something you like or try something new you've been wanting to try to spice things up. Either way, it has to bring a smile to your face and make you truly happy in order to be considered self care. 2. Do something that will help you rest your mind:

Queens it's great to be in beast mode in order to reach our goals and dreams. But every now and then we need to rest and reset the batteries on our mind.  Do something that diverts your mind from your goals for a few hours or a day.  Whether this is watching a couple of hours of brainless TV or changing your scenery and laying on the beach for a few hours. 3. Do something that will help you rest your body:

We are constantly on the go, go, go and our poor bodies never get a break.  Treat your body by resting it either by sleeping in on the weekend, or doing the DIY spa day as mentioned above!

Their you have it. The first ever 4-1-3 Phorbe Beauty Breakdown. Let me know if this was helpful or not and how your DIY spa day went in the comment section below.

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So take care of yourself and slay!

-Queen Maree



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