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Queens, it's been too long since we've spoken about taking care of our outer beauty. I've been in a constant battle to protect my skin from the hot bright sun. As, I'm driving, I like to keep the windows open which exposes my skin to the sun. Already, I can see that my left arm, the arm that I hang out the window while I'm driving, is a lot darker than my right. It's so much darker that it's starting to look a little crispy which is not cute. So, I thought I'd do some research on how to protect my skin in this gorgeous but hot sun. Here are ten tips that I found, that have already been very useful in helping me obtain and maintain my summer glow!

10 Jazzy Tips for Skin that

Glows In the Summer Sun

1. Take cool showers daily

You are going to be lathering your skin in sunscreen and moisturizer multiple times a day every day this Summer. Not to mention, you'll be sweating bullets. Dirt and grime lead to clogged pours which can lead to acne and and other skin issues. The build up of dirt and grime on your skin gets ridiculously worse in the Summer, so it's important to take a shower daily.

Taking cooler showers helps as well. Warm water can strip away your skin's natural oils and also dry out your skin. Cooler showers helps protect your skins oil while also increasing your blood flow throughout your body. The shock of cool water against your skin in the morning is causes your blood to surround your organs in order to keep them warm, which in turn increases your heart rate which leads to a boost in energy!

2. Exfoliate

The top layer of our skin is made up of a dead skin cells that can also clog our pours. As we've already learned clogged pours can cause a host of problems for our skin including acne and prevents your skin from breathing. Exfoliating your skin with a mask or body wash scrub at least once a week will help you attack those dead skin cells and get rid of them. This will allow your skin to breathe.

3. Moisturize

Make sure to apply your favorite moisturizer to your skin right after you hop out of the shower as well as right before you go to bed. This will keep your skin from getting dry and flaky.

4. Hydrate from the inside out

Water. Water. Water. I know you've heard this before, but it works. It really works. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water for both the health of your skin, but the health of your body.

I also find it refreshing to keep a small spray bottle of lemon water or apple cider vinegar water with me all times. So, whenever I'm feeling particularly sticky or musty with sweat, I spray these mixtures on my face and neck for an instant revitalization.

You can purchase a small spray bottle from either a beauty supply store or the travel section of a department store. Fill the bottle with water and add a couple of drops of either lemon or apple cider vinegar for a fresh face in minutes. Rose water, is a little more expensive, but works even better for this.

5. Protect Your Skin

Make sure you are limiting the time your skin is exposed to the sun without sunblock. Your skin can burn in as quick as fifteen minutes. Use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher and make sure to reapply at least every two hours or sooner if you're in and out of water.

6. Give your eyes a break

Squinting to protect your eyes from sunlight can actually dry your eyes out. Always remember to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Keeping eye drops handy is also helpful in hydrating your eyes.

7. Don't forget your lips

Often when we are cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and protecting we work around our eyes and our lips. But just like any where else on our bodies our eyelids and lips are at danger of getting dry and sunburn. Don't forget to cleanse, exfoliate, moisterize, and protect these parts of your body to: your ears, any exposed skin in the parts of your hair, the bottom of your feet if you're going to be laying on your stomach, and your armpits.

8. Block out the Sun

We've spoken of sunblock. But it can also be great to limit your skin's exposure to the sun all together. When planning for a day at the beach or pool, make sure to pack a cover up, sun hat, sun glasses. It's great to have these things handy when you feel the sun getting too warm on your skin.

9. Get strategic about exercise

It's hard enough to get up and get your heart rate going. Make it easier on yourself this Summer, and exercise when the sun is low to minimize heat fatigue and excess sweat. My favorite time to work out is right before sunrise. If you like to work out at the end of your day, try working out after sunset. Or you could work out indoors with the AC, but that's not as much fun!

10. Minimize the Beat

In the same respect as numbers 1 and 2 above, it's important to minimize the amount of grit and grime that can clog up your skin. Heavy makeup is exactly what you want to avoid. It's best to go fresh face and let your natural beauty shine, but if you must beat your face, use fewer layers or lighter formulated products.

Bonus Tips:

You can always cheat and use a moisturizer or sunblock with bronzer or glitter to help your sun glow. I wouldn't recommend using the DIY Fenty Beauty body oil. You should use the real deal body lava for this trick or Bath and Body Works carries a cheaper option in their Pink lotion and body spray line.

Also, make sure whenever you take a photo or selfie this summer that you find the light. You don't want to have the sun behind you or your skin will come out pale and pasty. You don't want to have the sun directly in your face as this will cause you to squint ruining your pictures and drying out your eyes. Find that sweet spot where the sun is illuminating your skin but you can still see clearly enough to take bomb picture!

These tips have helped me get that good good glow for my skin. I hope they help you shine bright like the Queen you are.

It's going to be a great Summer to conquer the world. So, go forth, glow and Slay!

-Queen Maree



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