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I am a cheap Queen. It stems from growing up homeless. I really can't justify spending an obscene amount of money on one thing. So, whenever I find a great DIY trick such as $5 Yeezy Sock Boots or DIY Fenty Beauty Body Lava I jump for it. This DIY trick circulated social media the day after the Met Gala when @sarahmcgbeauty pointed out the fact that Amber Heard's headpiece looked a lot like zip ties tied on a headband and spray painted gold:

It turns out that Amber Heard didn't actually make the headpiece herself, however she bought it from an Indie designer by the name of Apatico for $32. I made the headpiece myself for $12.36 and now I'm here to share the love.

What You'll Need

1. A simple metal headband. I found mine at Joann's Fabric Store for $3.99

2. Gold Spray paint. I recommend Design Master Metallic 24KT Gold spray paint. This is best because the color will actually resemble gold and your head piece will look more realistic. I purchased my spray paint from Joann's Fabric Store with a %40 off coupon bringing the total to $5.37.

3. Zip ties in two different sizes: large and medium. I purchased my zip ties from Daiso for $1.50 per pack .

The Process

1. Before we get started with assembling your head piece. I want to point out that if you do indeed go to JoAnn's fabric store, make sure to download their app and create an account for the %40 percent off one normal priced item. You'll also want to go to the website to download their coupon for %20 off your entire purchase. I was able to use both coupons for my purchase. There are expiration dates on both of these coupons, so act fast!

2. I took a closer look at Apatico's head piece and noticed that they interchanged between three medium sized zip ties and one large zip tie, starting and ending with the medium.

3. Starting an inch up from where your headband begins, tie the zip ties onto the headband with the clasp facing the front of the head piece. See close up photo for example.

4. Once all zip ties are in place and secured, spray paint the entire headpiece with your gold spray paint. It only took one coat for me to get my desired look.

5. Let the headpiece dry for fifteen minutes and voila!

Final Thoughts

With the time it took to go shopping and assemble this headpiece, it only took thirty minutes to create and for 12.36 + tax. I absolutely love my headpiece and plan to use it in a few of Phorbe's Daily Message videos. It's regal and sophisticated, yet simple. This whole process begs the question, why stop there...why not try recreating other headpieces from the Met. Stay tuned!

<- Check out this slideshow of me showing off my new crown! ->

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So go forth and slay!



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