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Queens, everyday you may have a million excuses why you shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't follow your dreams and walk in your purpose. Here's 25 reasons why you should!

Queen Maree's Jazzy List of Reasons to Risk it All and Live Your Best Life NOW

1. To create your better tomorrow

2. So you can have the best sex of your life

3. To fill your soul with pure joy

4. Because walking in your purpose will ultimately free you from the restraints of society

5. So you can travel to the other side of the world at any point in time

6. To help you find the love of your life and your bridesmaids

7. Because material things can't buy you happiness, but they are fun

8. To put a permanent smile on your face

9. Because, you never know, you may just be the next Bill Gates

10. Your gift will help change the world

11. So that you will never work a single day in your life

12. To shit on all your haters

13. Because you are the Michael Jackson to future Ushers, Neyos, Justin Timberlakes and so forth

14. To give a voice or a face to people who have the same struggles as you

15. If you start now, you can build your better life before the next predicted recession hits

16. So you can have the freedom to buy a $1,000 cheeseburger any time you want

17. The Quality of your life depends on the actions you take NOW

18. Because you are a Badass, Bawse Bitch who creates your own destiny

19. So you can buy your mom a house one day

20. Because no one else in this world can do what you will do for mankind

21. For the occasional flex

22. So you can set your great, great, grandchildren up for success

23. To give you something to do

24. Because if every single person on this earth was following their heart and walking in their purpose, we would have less hate and more happiness

25. So that when your heart make it's last thump, you will be at peace

It's a beautiful day to conquer the world. So go forth and SLAY!!!

-Queen Maree



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